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    His fur was drenched. Shoving his littermates up onto the windowsill, pushing for them to somehow get out. Then the window opened, and he saw his mother in beckoning them out as his paws were swiped from under him.
    The current of the flooding basement was too much for the tiny kit, and he was sucked under a few times, reaching for his mother's paw the best he could. Why isn't she coming to get me!?
    He was sucked under for the last time and he struggled, his tiny body slamming into the pipe that had burst, and he was being tossed back and forth by the water itself.
    The kit thought he could hear his mother's voice again, but it wasn't the voice of a she-cat. It was more of a tom's, Swim!
    The kit shoved his way through the water and obeyed the voice. Finally, he broke the surface and his paw clutched a curtain hanging from a high windowsill in another room. Air filled his lungs as he broke the surface, and he looked to the window in the other room, eyes wide with fear and shock when he saw not his mother nor littermates there.
    "Mama!" the tiny kit shouted, "Hawk! ....Moth!"
    No response. "No! Don't leave me, Mama!" The water began to rise to his neck level as his head pressed against the ceiling. Carefully, he sunk his claws into the wall and slowly inched to the doorway, and eventually got to the windowsill.
    The small black kit pressed his paws against the window and pushed it open, slipping underneath it and out into the pouring rain, "Mama!" he called helplessly.
    "They left me," his amber eyes narrowed as he looked to the ground, "Well, I'll find them. But... Why would they leave me to drown?"
Don't give me that look.

Haven't any of you ever wondered what would have happened if Tadpole had survived?
WELL I haven't seen a story about it so far, soooo...


Warrior Cats, Tadpole, and other characters belong to Erin Hunter.
Fanfiction is written by me.

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WinterHuntress Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I wish Tadpole had lived, and I had wondered what would of Happened.

NiceSpirits Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
oshizz.. so sexy.
M0LTEN-R0SE Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Ffff<3
Thanks woman~
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