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    Did I really just let this happen? Zack thought quietly to himself as he was slipping out of the chaos of the conversations of the investigators and everyone, "How could I let this happen!? Of all people, they just had to take Holly!"
    Zack's heart lurched. What was she going through at the moment? He walked outside and slumped down on a small lounge chair and closed his eyes, trying to wonder what to do next.
    Zack slipped into sleep and into a dream after a long while of sitting outside under the stars. He stepped up, in a large, dense forest and looked up and around. He jerked his head back down and forward at the sound of voices. Zack stepped forward cautiously and peered around the trees until he noticed a few men walking around outside a cabin. A feminine voice was the only one that stood out and Zack strained his eyes to see without being noticed. He noticed the familiar face of the younger man who had hit him with the baseball bat, then realized what he was seeing.
    Frantically, he searched for the source of the girl's voice and finally found it. Looking towards the cabin's front door, he noticed a tall man with a dark leather jacket standing behind Holly, flinching when he saw a gun attached to his waist. He stared wide-eyed at Holly, trying to figure out why she was so calm around so many terrors as she stood there, blank expression.
    Zack cringed when leaves began to crunch in front of him. Looking down, he held his breath when a huge Doberman Pinscher was sniffing in his direction not even fifteen feet from him. When he tried to move back, his knee moved a group of leaves making them rustle and the dog's head flung into the air at the sound and stared directly into Zack's eyes. It lunged, and Zack woke with a jolt.
    Allisa was sitting next to him, staring into the stars and slowly lowered her head down to meet his eyes, "You know, it's not your fault."
    "How'd you know I was thinking that?" he sat up, still shaken by the dream.
    "It's just what I knew you'd think," Allisa moved her head and stared back up a the stars, "What exactly happened?"
    Zack cringed at the thought of thinking everything that had happened through again, "A group of guys crowded around us, then one slammed me with a baseball bat. I woke up later on and they were gone. They had taken Holly," he closed his eyes and put his head down into his knees, "But I know... when I'm done shredding them, there won't be anything left but hair and clothes."
    Allisa giggled, "And I'll be the one to help you with that."
    "You know, I don't see why they had to take Holly, of all people. It doesn't make sense... What's their business with her?" Zack sat up, thinking about possible reasons.
    "I don't know. But what I do know, is that Holly's father was murdered when she was little. Do you think that that might have something to do with this?" 
    "No. That was almost fifteen years ago. It can't have anything to do with that now—"
    "Zack. We need you to lead us to where the attack took place," the two were interrupted as an investigator pushed open the sliding class door and stepped out, "helping" him up.
    "Don't touch me," Zack quietly mumbled, loud enough for the investigator to hear.

    "Here," Zack led the investigation team to the empty parking lot as the sun began to rise. Dim morning sunrise began to crawl from the shadows of the clouds and explode orange and yellow over the treetops and spilling onto the asphalt. Zack stared to it, then turned his blank expression to a small dollar-sized puddle of dried blood that had been left there from his now bandaged head.
    Allisa accompanied him by his side, followed by Nikki, Holly's next best friend. They lined the older teenager's sides and stared at the blood, then to Zack, "You're really brave, Zack. I know I couldn't do that," Nikki tried to cheer him up in any way, but failed. Zack said nothing and only stepped forward, being stopped by an investigator, "You cannot step here now. It's a part of the crime scene."
    "I can't step here? I can't step here?" Zack wrenched himself into the investigator's face, "I have as much right to step into this place as you do!" Zack yelled through gritted teeth and pushed past him. Though there was not much evidence at the scene, it still mattered to see what was there.
    Allisa stated at him wide-eyed. He had never yelled like that before. Especially to any sort of official.
    Nobody can push me around like that, Zack thought as he knelt down in front of his blood, Not in a situation like this.
    He froze. Uncertainty rose in his chest and he looked to his jacket pocket.

    His phone rang.

Anyways, Im sorry this is so short, I couldn't really think of anything, so I just clumped together... this chapter.

In my latest poll I thought it was chapter four I had to get out next XD

Hey Birgade, what ever happened to your friend? She had a bit of your style because you were teaching her? She went to school with you and shtuff I think.. But she's not here on dA anymore, so.. ._.
But if you could just tell her that her character Nikki is still in this story >u<
Tank you woman ;u;

Zack has a nightmare, ba-ba-ba-ba-blah, screams at investigator, blah blah, PHONE RINGS. :iconsecretplz:

Ring ring.
Who is it?
I've been expecting your call!

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